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The Audit Commission Report (1988) on Improving Highway Maintenance:
Why Protect and Cover Salt... | 07561 100775
Considered the savings that can be made by covering road salt by eliminating leaching and reducing overspreading. It quoted TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) work that estimates leaching losses at for the UK this can be 6% – 10% salt loss each year.
From the Roads Liaison Group publication of 2005, “Well Maintained Highways”:
Salt barns can help in maintaining low moisture content, preventing leaching and easing handling and are strongly recommended where additives are used.
From the National Salting Research Groups Best Practice Guidance for Spreading Salt (March 2005):
“If salt is stored unprotected in the open then target spread rates will not be achieved.
The cost of salting operations and damage to the environment will increase because distribution to the road surface will not be controlled effectively.”
From the Environment Agency publication PPG10, Pollution Prevention Guidelines, Highway Depots:
“The environmental impact of rock salt is well documented and providing the application rates specified within the highway authority guidelines are followed, the use of salt on highways is unlikely to lead to levels in the water environment that could affect aquatic life or drinking water supplies. However because of the large quantities stored, there is a risk of pollution of rivers and ground waters, due to run-off from rock salt stockpiles. This can come from the salt and the sodium ferrocyanide anti-caking agent that is often added to it.”

PPG10 also recommends that salt stores are roofed and that measures are taken to ensure that salt from the store is not allowed to encroach onto the open yard.
SaltSaver Benefits:
Prevent leaching losses of salt stocks, 6-10% pa through rainwater wash off.
Maintain quality of salt to achieve target spread rates.
Reduce operational issues such as bridging, due to high moisture content of salt.
Meet Environmental Agency guidelines for storage of salt, reducing leaching of chlorides into water table.
Protect long term Strategic Salt Stocks.
Reusable system, saving money.
Easy to remove and store.