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SaltSaver is a reusable, modular sheeting system designed and manufactured to protect open salt piles from the elements maintaining the salt in its optimum condition.

SaltSaver is manufactured from a high quality, highly durable structural tensile fabric; PVC coated providing resistance to UV light degradation.  SaltSaver has been designed to offer multiple years of life, providing excellent value for money compared to other systems available.

SaltSaver is tailored to your salt pile, open one sheet section at a time and then reuse next season, with remainder of the pile securely covered.

SaltSaver is ideal for loose, freestanding piles and salt piles stored within concrete bays. No matter what shape or size your salt pile, we can sheet and protect it! | 07561 100775
Winter Service Solutions provide a complete design, manufacture and installation service tailored to your requirements, including:

Salt pile re-profiling prior to installation.

Supply of Concrete clamp walls.

We advise and design storage systems for Strategic Salt Stocks.

Our existing range of solutions meets most application requirements, however, we can supply bespoke solutions to sheet any size salt pile manufactured to a design criteria accompanied with performance guarantees.
Download our SaltSaver product sheets here.
Download our January 2013 Surveyor Editorial here.